Guidelines provided in IO2 support the future social entrepreneur in outlining and assessing his business idea, and structuring a business plan.

Here, with IO3, we propose a learning platform for users who intend to work, or are interested in the field of social economy.

Training is focused on specific sector key profiles or functions, and engage users in the simulation of virtual companies operating in different scenarios.

Users can play as: Fundraiser, Marketer, Business Planner and PR.

Concretely, we propose you to play as one of the profiles/functions listed above and experiment with decision-making in given circumstances and contexts. What will you do if you were in a position to decide? What choices and what consequences?

While playing, you will be supported with contents providing information about country juridical frameworks and explanations about concepts and strategies underpinning decision making.

At the end of every path you will get a final feedback.

All training paths are available in English and country language.

Registration is required.

Select a profile, press “play” and start: It will be fun and challenging!