Comité Européen de Coordination

Who we are

CEC is an European network based in Brussels, including 26 members, representing approximately 1000 associations (vocational schools, training centres, WISE, social cooperatives,    in charge of the training and socioeconomic integration of +/-100.000 low-skilled people, in 16 European countries. 

Our partners - 16countries:


Bulgaria Integrity Consulting

Croatia  Diopter

Cyprus   Zebranico Consulting Ltd

France  Medialys/ UNI-EST/ Convergence Emploi Cergy/ Sud Concept

Germany   CJD

Greece Mesogeiako

Hungary KEM-RVA

Italy SCF/ Fondazione Luigi Clerici

Poland Barka Fondacia

Portugal  Santa Casa/ ENSINUS

Romania  Pro Vocatie/ CIVITAS

Serbia CDJP

Slovakia  Argentura

Slovenia  Dobrovita

Spain  Trinijove/ EQUA

What we do

Our objectives

  • Sharing of common values and strategic objectives for social inclusion in the fields of employment, social entrepreneurship and training
  • Innovation, identification and dissemination of good practices based on our members' field experience
  • Participates in the public debate for the improvement of public and European policies and for the socio-economic integration of the public excluded from the labour market

Thanks to our network and our members, we:

  • Help to cover a wide range of activities and initiatives,
  • Provide an overview of the needs of a large group of vulnerable people and an ability to respond to their needs,
  • Have the capacity to respond to global problems and to react in a European , national, regional, local way.
  • Each member of the CEC can mobilize a multitude of public or private organizations for European projects.

Where we are

6 Chaussée de Boondael,
1050 Bruxelles – Belgium

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