Fondazione Luigi Clerici

Fondazione Luigi Clerici (FLC) is a vocational training centre with 19 field offices,

accredited in Lombardy Region for both training services and career services.

Among our activities, we take care of the management of Erasmus students in Milan and in the neighbouring municipalities.

Our aim is networking for integrating organizational skills, improving knowledge and

fostering a profitable social dialogue, thus we have broadened our horizons promoting and managing transnational projects and research actions, developing partnerships with several Eu and extra EU private and public organizations.

In this perspective, we are offering our collaboration as partner in the Erasmus + projects in Lombardy.

Fondazione Luigi Clerici organizes courses in the following training sectors: Wellness, Agriculture, Administration, Art and Culture, Electric and Electronic, Music, Graphics, Thermohydraulic Systems, Mechanics, Catering, Personal Care Service, Construction Industry.

Moreover, we offer training courses for adults and companies in other sectors: Security, Communication, Foreign languages, I.T., Innovation for Education, Agriculture and so on.

For several years Fondazione Luigi Clerici has been active in the promotion and management of transnational projects and research actions. The partnerships developed with many EU and extra EU institutions have generated a solid network, which is the basis for a constant and productive exchange of ideas and services.

The concepts creating a network and working within a network aim at the integration of both planning and operative skills related to the themes of social dialogue, immigration, training for technological innovation, job placement, career guidance and equal opportunities.

These exchanges materialize in the realization of large-scale project aimed at:

  • The provision of lifelong learning.
  • The promotion of innovation and new technologies for a professional and personal development.
  • The collaboration within cultural and social initiatives.

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